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Replace headline text here .....George Twigg (1927-2016) was a chemical engineer who worked for BP Chemicals (Murgatroyd's).

About George Twigg

George was a chemical engineer who worked for BP Chemicals aka Murgatroyd’s Middlewich and took a keen interest in the history of the company and the salt industry in general.  George was one of the volunteers working with Lady Rochester and Brian Curzon to re-open the Salt Museum, Northwich. His personal archive includes photographs, objects, technical papers, drawings, film footage, maps etc.  George Twigg had produced a few printed leaflets and gave historical advice to anyone who wanted it and he was instrumental in ensuring that Murgatroyd’s Brine Pump was preserved and scheduled for future generations. This archives page is dedicated to George’s work and his passion that his research should be accessible to all.

These images are a small selection from George’s collection, we are continually adding images. If you are searching for something in particular please get in contact. All these images are in low resolution. If you need a copy at a higher resolution please email:

These images were transferred with permission to use in the public domain by George Twigg for Middlewich Heritage Trust.