Description of Object:

Titled an Etruscan Brass Bowl, simple design, ‘An Etruscan patina on bowl … supposedly sacrificial?’ Probably the metal is bronze not brass, very simple design, no patterns or features and very shallow.


This has been on display before as it has a label attached ‘Vawdrey 1863’, not known who advised him for labelling purposes.

Date of Object:

Not known, could be Etruscan or Roman, other similar examples are labelled 2nd century B.C.–2nd century A.D.


Collector B L Vawdrey does not state where this object was found but a large proportion of objects similar to this were known to have been found in Kinderton, Middlewich where he was once resident at Kinderton Hall.


16cm circumference 4.8 high


Held in a private collection belonging to Peter Moore-Dutton of Tushingham