Sloan & Lloyd Barnes

The Trust has a detailed pictorial record of the construction of Murgatroyd's factory.

The record consists of five albums of about 250 high quality professional photographs covering the period 1948-1950. The albums have been donated to the Trust by Philip Green, Mechanical and Electrical Associates UK Ltd, Consulting Engineers, who inherited the albums from Sloan & Lloyd Barnes of 34 Castle Street, Liverpool many years ago. If anyone needs access to these detailed photographs, please email the Trust at the address at the foot of this page.

Philip holds other Sloan & Lloyd Barnes archives related to Liverpool’s history, including projects such as Hendersons Department Store, The Overhead Railway, The Carpathia and many other well-known projects.


Sloan & Lloyd Barnes and Company employed A Monk and Company Ltd to construct the new Murgatroyds Salt and Chemical Company factory at Elworth, near Sandbach between 1948 and 1950.
The images on this page are from a booklet which was published at the time a copy of which was given to Cheshire Record Office by George D Twigg (see The George D Twigg Collection)

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