Samian Ware Bowl

Reference Number:

NOCMS: 1977.3252

Description of Object:

Shallow samian ware bowl, with a raised base for easy handling.


This ‘samian ware bowl’ – which is usually referred to as a samian ware dish – is Central Gaulish, Dragendorff form 31. 

This bowl is among other samian ware items uncovered during the John Bestwick archaeological excavations. This type of bowl which is easy to hold may reflect the Roman custom of reclining on sofas when drinking or eating.

Date of Object:

c. AD 150-200. 


Off King Street, Middlewich (1964-1975)


Depth: 5 cm
Thickness: 0.5 cm
Diameter: 16.5 cm


Held on behalf of the Community of Middlewich by Cheshire Museums.