Description of Object:

Roman Samian Ware Bowl. No markers mark, but probably made in Gaul, no flaws apart from being burned. Thrown on a wheel, the marks on the pot can be clearly seen.


It could be that this bowl was misfired, but in all probability it was in a fire. There seems to be a salt residue on it. Normally samian ware is seen as high end pottery but it colud be that the bowl was found later and used in a salt house.

Date of Object:

No known date, compared with other examples these bowls were common in the 1st and 2nd Centuries.


Collector B L Vawdrey does not state where this object was found but a large proportion of objects similar to this were known to have been found in Kinderton, Middlewich where he was once resident at Kinderton Hall.


Circumference 8cm, 4.8cm high, base is 3.2cm circumference


Held in a private collection belonging to Peter Moore-Dutton of Tushingham