Cannonballs and Shot

Description of Object:

Four cannon balls of varying sizes and compositions. Seven lead shot of varying sizes and compositions


All these finds were made by local people from the Early to Mid-19th century onwards, so the exact find spot is difficult to obtain. One of the cannon balls doesn’t look to have been used, whereas the others have considerable damage. Normally these are found around St Michael’s church or in the general direction of Lewin Street and Booth Lane which is the battleground of the 2nd Battle. Other find-spots have been around Nantwich Road probably belonging to the 1st Battle. The lead shot are (largely) finely made, and are various sizes. Two of the examples don’t look as if they have been fired

Date of Object:



Sites in Middlewich Inc. surrounding area of St Michael’s Church


Diameter of Lead shot ranges from 2.5 cm to 1.2 cm


Held by Middlewich Town Council and in a private collection belonging to Peter Moore-Dutton of Tushingham