Description of Object:

Microscope (no. 3460), German Manufacturer: Leitz lens

Materials: Metal and brass presented in a fitted hand-made wooden box, which would have had interchangeable lenses.


Known for the quality of their lenses, Leitz microscopes were manufactured from 1847. The earlier models were made of brass with a black japanned base.
Later models were more refined using a draw-tube coarse focus and a knob controlled focus. This then developed into a rack and pinion coarse focus and a fine focus by a graduated wheel.
Different magnifications on these models are obtained by inserting eyepieces of varying strength.

Date of Object:

Difficult to determine an exact date; definitely early 20th Century and still used into the 1950’s.


Used by laboratory employees at Murgatroyd’s, Booth Lane site.


33cm high, 18cms width sq.


Held by Middlewich Heritage Trust, as part of the George Twigg Collection